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Production Tips: IPR Graphic, Pulp Testing Blotter and Barley Board

The following suggestions will help you achieve maximum performance on IPR Blotter Papers.

Offset Printing
  • 100% solid, oxidizing inks are recommended. Smaller lifts (approx 4") alleviate potential set off. Allow ink to dry overnight before performing post-press operations.
  • Low-tack inks and minimum cylinder pressure are recommended.
  • Due to the soft nature of the stock you may need to apply additional squeeze. Previous results indicate a squeeze of .006 below the stock caliper (i.e. 16pt squeezed to .010, etc).
  • You can expect higher than normal ink and fountain settings. We recommend that the screen ruling not exeed 150 lpi and recommend using 52 micron coated spray powder. The stock may feed better if gripped grain long.

Screen Printing
  • Standard solvent inks are recommended. They can be applied at a thicker consistency and are thus more opaque. UV curing inks are not recommended for absorbent uncoated stocks.

  • Minimum dampening should be used.

Foil Stamping
  • Copper or brass dies are recommended. Pigment foils are recommended for our blotter papers. It's always best to consult your foil supplier for best results.
  • IPR Blotters score and fold well in both directions and have excellent hinge characteristics. A 2pt channel rule is recommended for 16pt and higher calipers.

  • The soft, elegant nature of IPR Blotters takes well to both single and multi-level embossing.

  • IPR Blotters are and ideal material to die-cut.