Independent Paper Resource LLC strives to deliver the best in Specialty & Technical Papers.
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Independent Paper Resource LLC

IPR Blotter Papers have been proven excellent performance in a wide range of applications.

Our blotter papers provide excellent surface quality, while providing absorbency and retention needed in a quality blotter paper.

IPR Graphic Blotter & Pulp Testing Blotter
  • Produced without surface size to enhance absorption.
  • Produced Acid Free & ECF
  • Surface smoothness for better printing than other blotters
  • Produced with no additives or contaminates and is a chemically inert blotter stock
  • 20pt Pulp Test Blotter is designed to meet TAPPI T-205 specifications

IPR Barley Board - 35PT
  • Produced with 100% PCW Recycled pulp
  • Natural Shade to enhance the enviromental awareness
  • Hard surfacefor printing